YouTube Red vs Spotify Comparison ✅ : Which is King of Music?

YouTube Red vs Spotify Comparision 2018 ✅ : Which is King of Music?

YouTube Red vs Spotify – In music platforms, Spotify was the king from 2006 that has more than 140 million active users from all around the world and more than 60 million paid users from all over the world. There were many platforms but not challenging for Spotify.

YouTube Red vs Spotify Comparision 2018 ✅ : Which is King of Music?

At the end of 2015, YouTube Premium or YouTube red was launched that was the first challenge for Spotify in its history. In the article, I will discuss the competition between these two platforms. Let’s see which the winner of today’s comparison YouTube Red vs Spotify will be.

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YouTube Red vs Spotify Complete Comparision You Need

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, after which improvements started to occur in this platform. Basically, YouTube is a largest video streaming app in the world. In 2015, Google launched YouTube Red that was premium service without ads. Basically, this was the contribution to the music industry through which musicians can upload their music and people can listen from all around the world by paying some monthly or annual charges.

On the other hand, Spotify is also a big music platform. This was the specific purpose platform just form music. Spotify got popularity from all around the world quickly and became the largest platform for music. There was no best competitor of Spotify in the market but now YouTube red is a challenge for Spotify.

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Features of YouTube Red

Through YouTube red, you can watch premium videos without facing ads. Ads are always irritating for the users so, if you want to watch free then face ads. YouTube red version has a facility for offline streaming in which you can download any content for offline watching. The rates of YouTube red are $9.99 if you purchase it through YouTube app that is for the iOS.

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Features of Spotify

  • I have already told that Spotify was launched in 2006 before 9 years of YouTube red. Spotify has some unique features.
  • A free version is available through which you can listen to music without paying anything to developers. In this version, you have to face ads and no offline streaming is available.
  • A premium account is available in $9.99 per month. The great stuff is that you do not need to face any ads and offline streaming is also available.
  • A family account is also available for the users of Spotify. The family account provides the facility of more than one premium users with a single account. The prices of this account are $14.99 per month.
  • A student account is also available for $4.99 per month.
  • You can listen to any radio channel through this platform.
  • You can create your own playlists and can add your favorite music tracks in these playlists.

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We hope you have liked the article on YouTube Red vs Spotify. These both platforms are competitors of each other and trying to introduce more best features to attract users. YouTube red is premium YouTube where you need to buy a subscription plan. Spotify provides free plan also through which you can get instant access to the Spotify. If you ask for best one then I cannot say anything, both are good, download and install to enjoy the music.

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