How to Get the Spotify Wrapped in 2020 Complete Guide

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify wrapped is considered a deep dive into the artists, songs, and podcasts that define your year. The Spotify Wrapped Campaign is one of the most famous and largest marketing and social campaigns of the year. At the beginning of this 2020 year, Spotify rolled out a new feature called the ‘wrapped’ which gave the users analytics on their listening history at all.

Moreover, in 2020 a few months later, the coronavirus pandemic forced most of the people in the world into a mandatory quarantine, causing many to work from their home and socially isolate. In that case, Spotify wrapped proved very beneficial for the people for enjoyment.

Furthermore, the Spotify Wrapped feature doesn’t just compile your all personal listening habits but also it groups together the music streamed by its 217 million+ customers throughout the whole year to create the annual Spotify Wrapped list for you. Spotify wrapped 2020 includes the songs, albums, artists, and podcasts that you discovered throughout 2020, along with the artists you streamed the most throughout the decade on Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped

Moreover, the way you love it with more nostalgia than ever before. It is a uniquely crafted site that collects your listening history and changes the visual overview of your habits, taste in music, and other such interesting tidbits that you’d only know if you somehow managed to dominate track everything that went in your ears. The outcome includes the bespoke insights into your most-listened-to artists, songs, playlists, podcasts, genres, etc.

How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2020 data:

  • To find your Spotify Wrapped data first of all you have to head to the Spotify wrapped site
  • After that, you need to connect up your Spotify account
  • Then the Spotify website will take you through your 2020 listening history, covering the whole artists and songs you listened to, down to how many minutes you spent listening to Spotify in 2020.
  • Alternatively, you can head to the Spotify app on your any Smartphone or tablet to see all the data as well as your top 100 playlists of your most-streamed songs of the year at any time

However, the streaming data given by the Spotify Premium free apk doesn’t include an indicator of whether the track is a podcast or music. You can now easily access your listening history from throughout the year, covering artists and the songs streamed, as well as how many minutes were spent using Spotify in 2020 at any time. There is also an amazing decade wrapped feature that showcases all your favorite songs, albums, artists, and podcasts people tuned in to over the past 10 years.

It is a fact that the Wrapped is a massive effort; the Wrapped Team itself includes a lot of sub-teams that are responsible for everything from the marketing, legal, and design, to the data, frontend, and backend engineering.

Find your personalized playlist:

In case if you want to find the whole personalized playlist that will show you your best 100 tracks of 2020 then:

  • You have to go to the Spotify Wrapped site and then punch in your login details. Then you’ll be able to open your playlist during the slideshow. It is very easy and simple.
  • Alternatively you can head to the Spotify mobile app, and then go to the “Search” option where you’ll find the “Wrapped 2020” card in pretty pink, that’s ready to go.
Your Spotify year in the review:

If you’re not already have logged in, then you’ll need to enter your email and password first. After that, you can easily explore the page by scrolling and tapping into different highlights from your last twelve months of tunes and bask in the trip down memory lane. By all means, you can open Spotify on another device and then cue up Green Day’s Good Riddance while you’re at it. You’ll get to sift by the information, and you’ll wind up with a much shareable image of what you’ve been listening to here.

Share Your Spotify Wrapped:

You’ve probably shared your Spotify Wrapped by posting screenshots in the past, while, Spotify is again making it very easy to broadcast your incredibly great and frankly enviable taste in music through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. For this purpose, you need to just scroll through the page and you’ll find share cards with highlights from your year in review that you can share on social media like your first-born is heading to their first day of the kindergarten.


Can I check how many times I’ve played a song on Spotify?

You just need to visit the Spotify site, and then log into Spotify. After that Spotify will start to show you the complete information on the music you played in a year, even starting with the first song you played.

How can I find my old discover weekly?

You can easily retrieve the song that you listened to through your song history. You have to go to the bottom right-hand side of Spotify and click on the three horizontal lines. This will bring up your to play queue. There is a history option beside it, and you can view all the old songs that you have listened to.

Can I edit Spotify wrapped?

No, you can’t change these songs or the artists out of your report in any way, because Spotify describes that we’re unable to update your stats or playlists since it fully depends on your personal listening history.

How do I can check my hours on Spotify?

For this purpose, there is a web application called that uses the Spotify API to tell you about your top artists and tracks from the last month, last year, and your all-time most-played music.

Who are my top artists on the Spotify site?

You have to visit the and also log in with your Spotify account. This website gives you the facility to see your Top Artists or Top Tracks.


In short words Spotify Wrapped has become the best annual institution that gives you a look back at exactly where you spent most of your musical minutes throughout the year. Moreover, at the end of each year, Spotify calculates how much time you’ve spent in listening music on the service and which songs and artists were streamed most throughout the year.

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