Spotify Vs Joox ✅ Complete Review : Which is Best For You?

Spotify Vs Joox ✅ Complete Review 2018 : Which is Best For You?

Spotify Vs Joox I know you are crazy about music and you want to listen to your favorite songs online. You are in right place, I have the best solution for your query. In this article, I will discuss the comparison of two popular music apps. After reading the article, you will be able to decide that which one is favorite for you.

Spotify Vs Joox ✅ Complete Review 2018 : Which is Best For You?

Spotify is a Music Streaming service, Which has all the latest music into the stream and it is available for all devices, Whereas Joox is the biggest streaming app and has a big market in Asian countries, And only application is available to use it, By the end of this article, You will get to know which service, You should option.

 Spotify Vs Joox – Complete Comparison

               Both apps are popular around the world but it is difficult to decide for you to find the best app for both. Do not worry, I am here to help you. First of all, it is sure that both apps are for same purposes so a comparison can be done easily.

Spotify has two types of accounts: free and premium. Through free accounts, you can get some basic features free of cost but if you want to access all the features you need to purchase a premium account Else you can follow the particular steps to get the premium features for free!

              On the other hand, JOOX is free of cost available across the internet. There is also a VIP service provided by JOOX with some extra features. These VIP features will be available after paying money through play store wallet or completing some tasks. Both are almost same, You have to pay money to unlock premium features.

Joox Pricing & Plans

               JOOX provide monthly, 3 months, 6 months and yearly subscription offers.

  • It will charge $3.72 for a monthly subscription.
  • $10.2 for 3 months
  • $18.47 for 6 months.
  • $34.21 for a yearly subscription.
  • It will also provide free VIP offer for the first month of new users.
  • VIP service can get through completing some tasks for some time.
  • There are no ads in VIP service.
  • There are unlimited skips available in VIP service.

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Spotify Pricing & Plans

               SPOTIFY provides four types of plans to its users:

  • You can use a free account with basic features.
  • You can buy a premium account for $9.99.
  • You can also buy a family account and the whole family can use Spotify with a single account.
  • You can also buy a student account. This account is introduced due to some major reasons.
  • Most listeners of songs in the world are young people and they are a student from all around the world. 

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Features of Spotify

  • You can download unlimited music.
  • You can create playlists and add your best songs in these playlists.
  • You can get instant access to this great stuff just by installing it in your device
  • You use premium service without watching ads. It is ads free. 

Features of JOOX

  • Wow! You can listen to the free radio on JOOX at any time.
  • There is unlimited licensed music available.
  • There are a lot of lyrics available through which you can also sing a song.
  • You can stream and download also.
  • This is like a social app, you can follow others.
  • You can set a timer, after ending set time, it will stop music automatically. 

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               We hope you have liked the article on Spotify Vs Joox. Both apps are very good and attractive to users. Both have free versions with limited features and ads. Both have social circles that attracted people to use these apps. The prices of JOOX are low as compared to Spotify Premium apk. So, due to the prices, JOOX is a winner of today’s context.

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