Spotify Vs Apple Music ✅ Which is the King of Music Streaming?

Spotify Vs Apple Music ✅ Which is the King of Music Streaming 2018?

Spotify Vs Apple Music – Hello! Today I will tell you that which is best music app Spotify or Apple music. Which one is best for you? Dear! If you have craze of music. If you want to download and listen to music tracks when you want, then you are in right place. I will tell you about the features of two great apps. Spotify and Apple music.

Both have a lot of features and fans from all over the world. But people always ask a question which best app is and what are differences between both two apps. I am here to solve your every query. Watch the above Video, Hope the above video and this article about Spotify Vs Apple Music solves your queries!

Spotify Vs Apple Music Complete In-depth

The first point comes to mind when comparing Spotify vs apple music users When you talk about the apple music then there are high prices. There is nothing free on this app. There are a lot of other features that are different from each other.

Apple music did not announce any bitrates for videos but on the other side Spotify provides three different types of bitrates that are following:

  • 96kbps
  • 160kbps
  • 320kbps
Official Website Links

Apple Music Link – Here

Spotify Premium Official Link – Here


               Both apps are available for every type of device. Both are for Android and iOS operating systems. You can download APK file and install it easily. The interesting thing is that both apps are also available for PC. You can use these apps on PC through android emulators.

There are lot emulators are available on the internet like Blue Stack, You Wave app player etc. Download any android emulator from the internet and install it on your PC. Add APK file of Apple music or Spotify to the emulator and start using the unlimited features to get unlimited joy and fun.

Social benefits

               Now the era of social media. Every person wants social activities online. A lot of people has millions of fans on their social media pages and profiles. Apple music does not provide this facility to anyone. But the Spotify is in winning position because it provides social benefits like following, commenting and sharing with other people through which you can judge that what is most popular on the internet.

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If you want to know a major difference then this is all about prices and all other things are almost the same. Spotify has some features that are free and some are paid features. If you are a user of Spotify, you can use premium features also free of cost. There is the reason behind this theory.

You can find a lot of premium accounts’ username and passwords to access premium features. Another way is that you can download crack version of Spotify. You can download and use all features without paying anything.

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After my lot of research on this topic Spotify Vs Apple Music, I can say that the Spotify is a winner in this context. When you talk about prices, it provides free features that are not available in apple music. Apple music does not provide bitrates and Spotify provides three types of bitrates.

In design, both apps have equal standards. Spotify is also a winner in availability, it is available for any types of old and new devices but apple music does not support old devices properly.

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