How to be an Artist on Spotify – Step by Step Complete Guide

How to be an Artist on Spotify

As you know that Spotify is one of the best digital music platforms. There are millions of songs available for the users of all side of worlds.

But, this not the whole story because you can also become an artist on Spotify. If your question is how to be an artist on Spotify, you are at the right place.

How to be an Artist on Spotify

This is the other side of the Spotify because there are two types of accounts available. First is free with basic services and second is premium with all the services.

There are millions of users of both accounts but some of the people know about this feature of Spotify.

How to be an Artist on Spotify

As I told that there are millions of music tracks on the Spotify so you have to compete all of these tracks to become popular.

If you think that you are good enough to become popular on the Spotify, you should try your luck. Before becoming an artist on the Spotify, you have to follow some tips.

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Do you want to know some tips to get a proper understanding of this feature?

That’s great! There are some tips I am going to discuss before uploading any music track on the Spotify. Just stay with me to get the tips one by one.


  • First of all, you have to choose your audience. Be specific to get a good response.
  • According to your audience, choose the lyrics for your music tracks. When you are going to choose the lyrics, you have to know the rules and regulations by the Spotify. The rules say that the content should not be sexual, illegal etc. so, follow the rules and policies of Spotify.
  • Now, the time to choose the composers for your music tracks. For this purpose, you have to invest some money to get the services from the composers. If the composers are good, there are good chances for you on the Spotify.
  • Before uploading the content, you have to ensure the quality of the content according to the competition and the polices of Spotify.

If you are confused about anything, just leave a comment below, I will try to provide the best solution to your problem.

This is not the end, now you are ready to upload your content on Spotify. Wow! You can become more popular than your expectations because it is a big platform.

  • First of all, you cannot upload the music on the Spotify directly.
  • It’s necessary to ensure that everything on the Spotify is properly licensed. So, the organizers of Spotify allow you to contact some distributors. And the distributors have an access to the Spotify artist part.
  • You need to sign with one of these distributors and ask them to publish your music track on the Spotify.
  • If you don’t want to sign with the distributors, there are some music companies that have a deal with the Spotify. Just ask them to publish your music on the Spotify.

There are different distributors of music have connections with the Spotify. You just need to connect with one of these distributors.

These distributors publish your music on Spotify. And collect royalties for you. Some of these distributors preferred by the Spotify. These distributors are the following:

  • EmuBands
  • Record Union
  • AWAL
  • CD Baby
  • Tune Core

You can choose any distributor preferred by the Spotify because they are all trusted and well-structured to provide you with good services.

Before uploading any music on the Spotify, you have to take care of some policies by the Spotify premium. Some instructions are following for you.

Prohibited Content

Basically, Spotify encourages all types of music from artists. But, some types of music are prohibited, so, if you upload prohibited music, it will be deleted soon. So, avoid uploading prohibited music. Illegal, hateful and explicit music is considered as the prohibited music.

I hope you have understood the point. Now, the time to upload the music. To get a better understanding of the service.

Stay with me!

Upload Music to Spotify

Have you decided to become the artist on the Spotify?

Wow! that’s great! There are some instructions for you. These instructions will help you to become popular on the Spotify. If you take care of these instructions, you will get more success than your expectations from Spotify.

As you know, Spotify is the popular app and the competition is very high. There are more than 30 million music tracks on the servers of Spotify. So, you have to compete for these tracks.

Create a quality music track that can provide more fun in less time. People prefer short tracks now so, try to compose the short tracks.

There are a lot of music composers in the market. If you have enough budget, you have to consult with these composers.

Try to select your audience. It is impossible to provide the best music to all the music listeners because everyone has different taste. So, you have to choose your audience and provide the best music according to the taste of your audience.

Now, the time to advertise on social media. If you can spend the budget on social media, create a Facebook Page and advertise the music that you have uploaded on the Spotify.

How much does Spotify pay artists

This is very complicated to answer because Spotify’s payout depends on their own revenue and how many people are using the service.  Also, Spotify doesn’t pay artists, period.  They pay aggregators, which pay labels, which pay publishers, which pay artists.  So some artists payout rates will appear to be much lower than others.  At any rate, in terms of what Spotify pays aggregators, I’ve seen estimates anywhere from .001 to .008 per play.  Note that if a fan loves your music and puts it on infinite repeat, you get paid for each of those plays.

Let me know if you have any question.

I hope you have found the answer to your question about how to be an artist on Spotify.

Thanks for visiting my website. Stay tuned for more posts related to Spotify.

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